design – Sam's exciting new band

The Society of Strange Living

Blog of Feeling Responsive Music starting to sound the same to you? Relax, here's a band with a new take on just about everything. Strange by name and nature - not only is their drum kit made from a washing machine, these lovely guys are about the most rock 'n' roll people you'll meet, on or off stage. Read More ›

design – Reading Experience

Wonderful Typography

Blog of Feeling Responsive Feeling Responsive uses Volkhov for headlines, Lato for everything else and if you are in need to show some code, it will be in Lucida Console or Monaco. Read More ›

design – Discussion

Now with Comments!

Blog of Feeling Responsive For a blog you need comments. Like all those other jekyll themes we baked in Disqus. It's easy to set, it works and makes a static jekyll blog more dynamic. Read More ›

design – Headers With Style

No Header

Feeling Responsive allows you to use all kinds of headers. This example shows no header at all. Just the navigation. Read More ›

design – Headers With Style

No Header but Article Image

Feeling Responsive enables you to get the attention of visitors. If you don't want to use a big header, use an image for the article instead. Read More ›