The Satisfaction

The Satisfaction's only album, recorded by Rob Harrison in the legnedary Fortress Studios, London, Sam Harrison, George Dyson & Ben Mathews set out to record an album of Sam's teenage rock songs. Tracked in just one day, vocals were then added in Rob's flat. Only fifty copies were ever made, and up to now it's almost unheard...

1. Oxana*
2. The Hawk*
3. Kiddo*
4. She’s Easy*
5. Happiness*
6. Lemonade*
7. Kinks & Tickles*
8. Subterfuge*
9. Satisfaction Blues*
10. Marco Polo*
11. Blue Murder*
12. Darkness*

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This album is not available to purchase, but you can listen to the album in full below ;)

The Satisfaction Album - Listen in full!:

Kinks & Tickles Demo (Recording @ Fortress Pics):

Darkness (Rehearshal Video):

Blue Murder (Rehearshal Video):