The freaky and fabulous folio of Sam Harrison Music


Hey there! This is my discography page- still under construction as the crow flies, but on the way!!!

The Cosmos On Your Leg (2019)
The Consumerist Prt. 1 (2017)
The Wish (2013)
Yes Hard Feelings (2011)
Jeremy Corbyn Single (2016)
Aurora (2012)

with the Society of Strange Living:
Energy Efficient E.P. (2018)

with the Breakfast Club:
Petrol Money (2014)
Live @ Long Haired Music (2013)
Car Crashes & Part Time Lesbians (2012)
Surrounded by Autism & Comforting Lights (2011)

with The Satisfaction:
The Satisfaction (2009)
Sketchy Sounds Demo E.P. (2008)

Demo Albums:
Melodic Revolutions (2005)
Liqourice Park (2006)
Domino Souls (2006)
Noel (the musical - 2007)
Forbidden Fruit (2007)
The Chad Varah Story (2008)
Lead Wings (2004)
Girl Dya Wanna Single (2006)
Billy J. Single (2005)

Production Credits:

The Breakfast Club - Car Crashes & Part Time Lesbians
The Breakfast Club - Surrounded by Autism & Comforting Lights
Nick William - Self Telepathy
Sunshine Poet - Colour Surround
Tom Cairns - The Stand EP
Helen Francis - live @ Xclamation Music EP
Steph Summerfield - Scarlet EP
Red Light Return EP
Good Effort EP
Rebecca Vaughan - Lover’s Goodbye E.P.
James Sherrard - Hometaping (2010)
Turnaround Trio E.P.
Arnie Weavers - Apart From Their Hearts (single)
Toxic Graffiti - Yesterday’s Gone EP
Sacha Maran’s ‘Stick’ E.P.
Remote Control E.P.
Si Pillinger - Angels & Halos EP
Hex - World of Confusion
Hex - Dark Side EP
My memory is a bit wonky with some of the details. If the history is inaccurate here, please correct me, I’ll fix it :)

Source: The Society of Strange Living Top Secret HQ