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'I've seen s**t - I've seen the Clangers!'

So, who the heck is Sam Harrison? Here we will begin to answer this complex and disturbing question. Sam’s reputation as a unique, maverick songwriter has been cemented by his debut album ‘Yes Hard Feelings’ and three follow up E.P.s ‘Aurora’, ‘The Wish’ & ‘The Consumerist’. He spent four years and made four albums with DIY acoustic punk outfit ‘The Breakfast Club’ as a drummer, guitarist, producer and singer. He co-wrote their internationally acclaimed album ‘Petrol Money’ in 2014. In 2015 he formed his own band ‘the Society of Strange Living’, who have just released their debut ‘Energy Efficient EP’. They feature the world’s only Washing Machine Drum Kit. While cutting his teeth as a solo entertainer on cruise ships, Sam lives a split life of international travel, gigging and recording. His exploits include playing the 2012 Olympics, the Edinburgh Fringe and Glastonbury festival (naked).

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