Nick William - Self Telepathy

This album was my first location recording, made at Nick's house with his beautiful piano. Despite a midnight run in with some Russian vodka, Nick, Woody (Andrew Wood) & I made a record that I absolutely love, and I'm so proud of it. Nick's music is extremely special, and at least we managed to preserve 11 tracks...

1. The Words
2. Infinitum
3. Faceless Bride
4. The World Outside
5. Me
6. Smile
7. No Words to Describe
8. Prayer
9. Change Your World
10. If the World Ended Today
11. Now It’s You


Seriously folks, buy this one. Daymn, it’s worth it!


Nick Joined me at my Collection Showcase Gig, and performed a beautiful rendition of ‘Return to Oz’ by the Scissor Sisters with me. Thanks Nick! x