Steph Summerfield - Scarlet E.P.

I've had the privilage of knowing Steph for a long while now, and we've worked together not just on her music, but on collaberative efforts, concert movies and just good times and parties. I don't think I've finalised the tracklist here, I'm still looking for some of the masters for these songs, but I think we recorded six to eight songs in all. They're all beautiful and moving. Thankyou Steph, for bringing your golden voice, cheeky wit and general charisma to so many projects. Your a superstar! Shiny ;)

1. Scarlet
2. Listen
3. Tanglewood

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Steph Summerfield live @ The Collection (with Andrea Ferguson, Sam Harrison & Nick Crossland):

Good Times & NSA Love (with Sam & the Ermine Voices Choir)

Cowboy Take Me Away (Dixie Chicks Cover):