Sunshine Poet - Colour Surround

I met Springy, the Sunshine Poet, while gigging with Kensal Rise, for whom he then played guitar. As we put this album together, it became apparent that Springy never needed a second take. He could nail everything on the first go! I've not seen consistancy like it before or since. The most suprising part however was the incredible songs he created.

1.Callin’ All
2. Another Cold Shower
3. Green for Go
4. Burnin’ Up the Midnight
5. Keep it Caged
6. Closin’ In
7. Money to be Made
8. Paradise Lost
9. Sleeping on the Inside
10. Only Ten Years
11. Colour Surround
12. Voice of Reason

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Money to be Made:

Burnin’ Up the Midnight:

Money to be Made (live outside Music Box):