Toxic Graffiti - Yesterday's Gone E.P.

Toxic Graffiti, back in 2007, we're the best local band I'd ever seen. They were my idea of a real rock 'n' roll band, with super catchy hooks and a shed load of talent. They were even my age! Luckily, my horribly unreliable rig ended up doing not a bad job of capturing their tunes, and they still feel kind of passable to me now. Well, for a seventeen year old kid's bedroom studio...

1. Yesterday’s Gone
2. Till I Get You
3. Piece of Me
4. Ain’t Enough
5. Out of Line
6. Drinking Song
7. My Jane
8. Animal (no vocals)


Sadly no buy links here! But if your reading this lads, I’d be happy to set up distribution x

Toxic Graffiti - No More (Aerosmith cover)