The Chad Varah Story

I wrote this musical (songs and script) for the kids of the Chad Varah School. Starting with their school song 'Three Cheers', we taught the complicated lyrics to the kids, and they really got them! Chad was a C of E vicar who founded the charity 'The Samaritans' which is a phone councilling charity giving troubled and suicidal people someone to talk to at their lowest point. He also wrote and drew for the comic 'Eagle', and the famous sci-fi strip 'Dan Dare'. His first day on the job as a vicar he led the funeral of a thirteen year old girl who took her own life after having her first period. Nobody had explained to her what that was, and she thought she had a terrible disease and was too scared to tell anybody (this was also partly the inspiration for 'Menstraul Blood' later on). It was difficult to write this story for children, but I did my best, and the kids and parents loved it. We also had the pleasure of meeting Felicity Harding, Chad's daughter, who left a wonderful impression on myself and the children. We raised thousands for the charity selling CDs of the musical, and as I understand, the CD is sold at the Samaritans inernational conferences. Three cheers for Chad! Xxx

1. Little Girl
2. Dan Dare
3. Somebody Else
4. Talk to Chad
5. Three Cheers

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Sadly, we have no buy links for this record, although Samaritans have sold CDs of the children’s performance at their international conferences!

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