Domino Souls

My fourth album, written aged sixteen. Some real cheese on this one, but 'Miracle' and 'Jane Doe' and 'Disaster Girl' are all pretty cool in my adult eyes. Jane Doe is probably the weirdest song I've ever written, and it's about a phorensic pathologist who falls in love at first sight with the dead girl on his slab, before having to cut her up. Yep, in retrospect, I probably needed some serious therapy. Enjoy!!!

1. Sixteen is the Age to Be
2. For Your Ears Alone
3. Greedy Guts
4. Sherbet
5. Cliche
6. Disaster Girl
7. Jane Doe
8. Lora Lee
9. Perfect Stranger
10. Rosebud
11. I Can’t Work a Miracle

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