Forbidden Fruit

'Forbidden Fruit was my teenage white album. Aged 17 I wrote 28 songs, some of them... erm... weird and wonderful. There's also 'Fruit Bones' which is meant to be the highlights, but misses out some stuff that in retrospect was great. 'Date With My Creator' is a particular fave of mine, which I made a video to years later. 'The Serpant' is really special too, feels like the Smiths. 'Brain Drain' was my attempt at Motown. I was still a child, and in some of these it does show, but I hope you can find the beauty in them Xxx'

1.Forbidden Fruit
2. Naked
3. The Serpant
4. Development Hell
5. Sell-Out Song
6. I’m a Rebel
7. I Think I’m falling In Love
8. Crossfire
9. Brain Drain
10. The Wind
11. Bronco Child
12. Special Place
13. I Value My Pride
14. Spiral of Depression
15. Lemon Street
16. Sheep
17. T.V. Song (Cathode ray)
18. Close of the Circus
19. Massacre of a Million Hearts
20. Who Do You Reckon You Are
21. Kiddo
22. Fairchild
23. Splicing Minds
24. Children of Britain
25. Why Can’t I Sleep?
26. Nothing to Say
27. Date With My Creator
28. Moodnight My Sweatheart

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