Lead Wings

'My first album, aged 13. I found a magical device in the window of 'The Secret Music Shop' - a 4-track tape recorder. I knew what it was from pictures in guitar magazines, a Tascam Portastudio would mean I could multi-track myself playing lots of instruments one on top of another. I could make my own record label! I pestered my Mum and Dad for it for christmas. It was an old 1980's machine, with all the bells and whistles, and it worked magically well (when it didn't eat the tape). I bought microphones from poundland, and a teacher gave me an old one from a dressing up box at school .Within a year I'd made an album, and began a cottage industry of making albums and selling them to relatives who couldn't escape. It cost me £1 to make a copy, and I sold them for £5. well, I was hooked. As for listening value, it sounds pretty terrible - but it's kind of cute and good for a laugh. More importantly for me, it's part of my history, and it makes me happy to share these memories :)'

1. Beginnings
2. Lead Wings
3. Ignorant but Playful
4. Till The Day I Die
5. 8-Track Lover Boy
6. Violene for Power
7. A.O.K.
8. Amazing Grace/Ode to Joy
9. Dance With Me
10. Backwards London
11. Someone Who You’ve Forgotten
12. Fly Away

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