Liquorice Park

'Aged 16, I made my third homebrew album. My writing was getting weirder, including a three part suite about being bullied at school, a song for Ukrainian feral child Oxana Malaya, anti-fur political songs, a continuation of my obsession with angels, and an a capella vocal piece about the world being taken over by fish. Did I mention I was a very strange child? My favourite on this record is 'Licking Wounds', a minute long song about talking to a girl I fancied on MSN messenger in the middle of the night. I guess that's a song only a 16 year old teen boy could write...'

1. Running At My Back Prt. I
2. Running At My Back Prt. II
3. Running At My Back Prt. III
4. Drama Queen
5. Licking Wounds
6. LadyLove
7. Missing Rachel
8. AOK
9. No!
10. Tell You
11. Oxana
12. Make-Up
13. Murder For Fashion
14. Angel
15. Danny, Don’t Forget Me
16. World of My Own
17. Fish

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