Melodic Revolutions

'Aged 15, I made my second home-brew bedroom studio album. Although adults did encouraged me with my ideas, I recorded everything and played all the instruments myself, learning by fiddling. This is I think my favourite of all the demo albums, because it's pretty weird and experimental, but kind of coherant. Nobody was there to tell me what right or wrong was, so I did what felt right, and with help with of a copy of Cubase from my big bro and some funky plug ins, I decided it was time for me to become an indie record label. Some of the stuff I was writing sounded distinctly unteenage...

1. Alone
2. Psychological Radio
3. Empathy
4. Under My Wing
5. Doin’ Alright Today
6. In The End (I Let Her Take Control)
7. Hybrid
8. Laura
9. Skiving School
10. Englighman in Vienna
11. Call Me Up
12. Someone Who You’ve Forgotten

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