'I was sixteen when I wrote my first musical. Obviously, all the parts would be played by... er, me. Yeh, I've said it before, weird kid. I decided I would of course tackle the prevailent issue of playground bullying, with the help of a magic busker, sadistic bullies, a secret collective of ninja nerds and of course cruel gods of fate to rival ancient Greece. I'm not honestly 100% sure it's ever made sense to anyone but me, but it's good for a giggle...

1. Fight
2. Suspended
3. Mummy/Daddy
4. Hello Mrs Pattinson
5. On Holiday
6. The Busker
7. Kicking the %@#$ our of Noel
8. Painful & Alone
9. Science Club
10. Anna
11. Mrs Drew’s Phonecall
12. The Penultimate Battle of the Secret Stealyh Ninja Swat Teams
13. Victorious!
14. Noel & Anna Alone Together/Two Hearts Behind a Bikeshed
15. Epilogue
Bonus Tracks:
16. We’re All Gonna Die Today
17. Keep on Trying
18. Love Is Poison

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