Red Light Return - Seasons E.P.

I met Ciaron & Adam at the beginning of a very beautiful journey with an incredible band. The video below is from the launch of my brother's record label 'Long Haired Music', and I think I mixed this track too. I was co-hosting the L4 Open Mic night at the time, they were studying at the uni and brought their talents to the stage. I offered to record their catchy songs, and this little E.P. was born. Later to be joined by Dan and Xak on drums, I was in this band for a couple of gigs. Really miss these guys! All the love in the world to you all, wherever you are now x

1. Summer Haze
2. Romance
3. Empire State of Gold Diggers


No buy links for this one I’m afraid! x

Let Me Know live @ the Long Haired Music launch party:

Empire State of Gold Diggers: