Live @ the Jolly Brewer

The Wish E.P. Launch

Sam plays 'The Wish EP' with backing & support from the Jolly Brewer family

The Wish live @ the Jolly Brewer:

HISTORY: Sam was so proud of his first vinyl release, ‘The Wish’ EP, he decided to throw the best party he could possibly create to showcase the EP, some of his own music, and some of his brilliantly talented friends. The ‘Lizard Party’, featured a vinyl DJ, free candy for everyone, unexpected hidden prizes, free facepaint and a suprise camera crew.

He found the Red Wave group filming at the Jolly Brewer Open Mic, studying at Lincoln university he invited them to come and film the gig in multi-cam, and he would record the audio in multi-track, and mix it later on. They did an incredible job, as you can see from the end product!

00:00 THE MARMALADIES - The fantastic songwriting skills of Lauren Davies & Hannah Mook start off the night with their original song ‘Cover’ (punderful) with beautiful harmony backing from Hannah against Lauren’s rich lead vocal. It set the high standard for the whole night.

08:20 LAUREN & CALLUM - Lauren & Callum’s talents perfectly compliment each other as they rip through two perfect covers of contempary pop, absolutely blowing the roof of as always. Lauren is still making music, and has just released her debut single ‘Paint the Skies’

14.30 EXPERIMENTAL SONIC MACHINES - The music of Mr Peter Rollings is completely unique - partly because of his unique personality and delivery, partly because of incredible home made musical instruments! He also makes wonderful, unique artwork, with a psychadelic theme - on display at Lincoln’s 10 Decimal Place. The people of Lincoln love Experimental Sonic Machines, but professional reptile Simon Cowell didn’t seem to appreciate them quite as much as we do. On Pete’s Britain’s Got Talent audition he’s treated not so nicely by Mr Cowell and his team - in fact they were incredibly rude. But don’t worry! You can see Pete’s incredible performance art here, with music better sound and visual than the tele. I love Pete’s music, and I’d one million times rather work with him than Mr Cowell. Do you feel the same? x

27:58 ROXY HUGHES - Roxy is an old friend of the Lincoln music scene, and plays purely for pleasure, not for recognition. Still, we’ve managed to tempt her into providing backing vocals on the Breakfast Club song ‘Maria Mains’. All the best times in Lincoln included Roxy, especially back at the Golden Eagle Open Mic. Now living in London, occasionally we get to see her as a rare treat!

34:42 RICHARD SYLVESTER - Richards has always been a great friend, and musical educator. His skills playing traditional music on the fiddle have lead us to enjoy many a gig playing together, and he features on the songs ‘Good Times & NSA Love’ and ‘Young at heart’

41:18 ANDREA FERGUESON - Andrea would always be my first choice to play at any of my gigs. Not only is her songwriting and her voice mesmerising and inspiring to the dullest of audiences, but if it were not for Andrea, I may well not be a performer. It was at her who tempted me up onto the stage of the Golden Eagle’s Open Mic Night in 2005. I owe her a great debt of gratitude, for being such a huge inspiration and encouragement. Andrea also teamed up with me for this cover of ‘Thunderbird’ (click to hear) by our good friend Bob CairnsBob Cairns who founded the Jolly Brewer Open Mic. Lavish your ears with the blissfully dark ‘Walking Barefoot in Berlin’. Thankyou Andrea!

51:00 TANGO (Matt Ellerby) - Matt - or Tango to just about the entire universe - hosts the Jolly Brewer Open Mic, and is a hard working patron of the Lincoln music scene. He’s appeared with Strange Living on bass for several gigs, including our Mudfest set wehere our washing machine door broke (rock n roll problems). His guitar and vocal skills are legendary, and here he delivers two beautiful reworkings of classics - the second maybe a little unexpected!

This set features a lot of songs I didn’t have footage of at the time - Sexy Baby, Instant Noodles, The Imposter & NSA Love didn’t have any published versions, and I wanted to make sure they were filmed. The main aim of this gig though was to record a live Version of ‘The Wish E.P.’. Unfortunately, one of the songs, Ketamine Kim, didn’t record properly, and we replaced it with an improptu jam with my tutor and mentor Colin Dudman (Click to hear his ‘Study to be Quiet’ . Highlights for me were ‘Sexy Baby’, ‘Let’s Pretend’, ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’, ‘Good Times & NSA Love’ and ‘Commercial Christmas Song’.

Set List:
Sexy Baby Blues
Instant Noodles
Let’s Pretend
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On (feat. Colin Dudman)
Lying On Your Bed
Rockstar (Ft. Casey Howden)
The Imposter
Good Times & NSA Love (ft. Steph Summerfield & Casey)
Commercial Christmas Song (ft. Steph Summerfield, Casey Howden, Experimental Sonic Machines, Richard Sylvester & Loz Green)

Sam’s set from the concert: